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Bible Competition

For the third year in a row, BCSU organized a Bible competition for students. The event took place on the 25th of March. Our kind hosts were “New Generation” Church of Sofia. 11 teams took part in the competition with questions from the Book of Books.

The competition included four rounds, the first was played individually and the remaining 3 were played as teams. In the first round, every participant of the four member teams answered multiple choice type questions. During the second round teams sought Biblical passages. After this, the six teams with the most points continued on to the third round where teams competed against one another in short answer questions. In the fourth and final round the top three teams raced for the grand prize – an excursion to Germany and the sights of the Reformation.

This year’s champions were BCSU’s team “Peniel“. Their competitors for the prize were “Immanuel 1” from Immanuel Church in Plovdiv who qualified in second place, and “New Generation 1” who reached third place.

All the participants received certificates for participation and books as consolation prizes. But the greatest achievement is the establishment of a tradition of a Bible contest, which invites students to deepen their knowledge of God's word.

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