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Bible Competition

On Saturday the 26th of March we held the second annual national student Bible competition. It was organized by BCSU and Scripture Union. The kind hosts of the competition was Plovdiv’s Evangelical Church of Faith. The event took place in Plovdiv, the hometown of the winners of last year’s competition.

Ten teams participated in this year’s Bible competition – each team with four participants. There were four rounds in the game: in the first round every competitor answered questions individually for the part of the Bible for which they were responsible, in the second round they sought passages in the Bible as a team, in the third round each team played against the other, and in the fourth round they worked as a team to answer difficult questions.

After the third round finished, only half of the teams continued to play. In the final round five teams played, answering the most difficult questions of the game. The competitors gave all they had to the game, thinking until the very last second about the difficult questions they were asked.

The rivalry was fierce and the teams were neck in neck throughout the competition. However, as in every competition, there was a winner. There was only one point difference between the winners and those in second place. One point that decided the end of the rivalry. The victors were a team from Sofia and so next year we can look forward to the competition taking place in the capital.

The prize is an excursion to the Plitvice lakes, Split and Zagreb. The other competitors received certificates and books. But the biggest prize was the competition itself, which invited students to dig deeply into God’s word. It was a wonderful celebration of the Bible for each participant.

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