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National Alumni Meeting

   Last weekend the National Alumni Meeting took place, bringing together young people from all over the country in the beautiful mountain setting of Uzana, Gabrovo. We are thankful for the spiritual rest, time with God in the mountains, and beautiful views. The event became a foundation for creating new friendships, sharing experiences and creating unforgettable memories together. Here is what some of the participants had to say:

"Meeting faithful graduate students filled me with peace, calm, and gratitude. I was able to explore many and varied perspectives, each complementing my own."

"An unexpected spiritual experience, when one's heart is open, God works exceedingly powerfully through the activity of the movement! It is all for the Glory of Jesus Christ, thank you, be blessed!"

"I have always been drawn to the BCSU annual gatherings where students from all over the country get together, get to know each other, share and support each other. 

Now, as a graduate student, I need this time even more because my daily schedule does not allow for weekly gatherings with others. 

It was a great time, I loved it and would give dearly to come again."

"I had my doubts about whether or not to come because I'm in a long way and haven't been to an event like this in a long time, but I am so grateful for the wonderful seminars, the enjoyable games, and the irreplaceable friendships. It was the best decision ever, reminding me once again that if you trust God with your decisions, He will see through for the best."

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