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Leadership day

On November 18th a regional leadership training was held in Sofia and Varna. 

The leaders from Sofia and Plovdiv gathered in Sofia and their time was focused on the topic of prayer and the example of Jesus. The leaders looked at the importance of prayer in their personal faith and their leadership role in student groups.  The participants then had a practical time dedicated to planning future prayer-related initiatives in their groups, discussing ideas for themed meetings, training and practical lessons to ignite interest and participation in prayer commitments.

Here is what one of the students said:

"The Leadership Day was helpful in that I was able to see a totally different and beautiful side of prayer that I didn't even realise existed. It helped me see different perspectives, and taught me to be more patient with the ways people pray. After all, God created us to be unique."

On the same day a leadership training was also held in Varna.  For the first time students from Burgas and Tarnovo were not able to travel for the regional leadership day and only the student leaders of the groups in Varna participated. Instead, they shared that it was one of the most useful training days they have had at BCSU. The theme was related to evangelism and students discussed how their groups could be more attractive to their friends and how to reach more students. In the second half of the day, the group planned what changes they wanted to implement next semester, what materials they wanted to produce, and what holiday event would bring more students together in December to think about the reason to celebrate. Everyone is very excited about the solutions and new projects that are coming to BCSU-Varna and organizing some of their ideas is already underway. Let's pray that students will see more of their friends at BCSU meetings and events across the country.

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