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The beginning of the new academic year!

With the beginning of the new academic year, the Bible study groups began their gatherings around the country. Students, volunteers and student workers were looking forward to reuniting after the end of a most unusual semester. The situation currently in the country allows us to continue to meet in small groups and we are all grateful for the opportunity to spend time in person. So far this year we have managed to start groups in Sofia, VelikoTarnovo, Plovdiv, Ruse and Varna. Here is what is happening in the student groups in these cities:

Sofia - Most of the students graduated and have joined the group for graduates. There are several new students in the student group. We pray and hope that over time this small group will become stable and active.

  • Students gather every Monday in the BCSU office.

  • This semester they are studying Paul's First Epistle to the Thessalonians.

  • They also will meet with the international students and graduates for games, picnics, bowling and other events.

VelikoTarnovo–We are encouraged by the new students who joined the group this year.

  • Students gather every Tuesday.

  • This semester the group is studying the Epistle to the Romans.

  • They are organizing trips to visit tourist sites near their city and students are inviting their colleagues and friends on these trips.The first outing will be on October 31st.

Plovdiv - The group consists mainly of new students who are now starting to gather with interest and curiosity.

  • They meet every Wednesday.

  • During this semester they also have chosen to study the Epistle to the Romans.

  • They go for walks together in the city and the beautiful hills of Plovdiv.

Ruse - we have new students in this group who were looking forward to becoming part of BCSU.

  • They meet every Tuesday.

  • This group also is studying the Epistle to the Romans.

  • Together they go for walks around the city and on the new pathway along the Danube.

Varna – We are encouraged that the students in this group are actively inviting their colleagues to learn more about Christ and the Bible and testify to them with their lives and words.

  • The group meets every Wednesday.

  • During this semester, students have chosen to study the book of James.

  • Every Tuesday they organize an Alpha group, where their colleagues can learn more about Christ and Christianity and ask their questions in a friendly environment.

  • They have also planned times for breakfast and socializing at the end of each month, walks, games, going to the ice rink in Varna as well as other social events.

In BCSU we also have a ministry called iConnect, where international students meet other international students and Bulgarians. Student workers organize various events such as movie nights, games, walks and excursions to get to know Bulgaria. In iConnect international students can share their cultures, lives, faith, questions and much more! So far we have these groups in Sofia and Varna.

iConnect Sofia – The group for international students gathers three times a week and their regular events are:

  • Tuesday: EXPLORE! This is a time to explore what life is about. They share their opinions about hope, freedom, happiness…? At “Explore” we want students to think about and discuss their beliefs, values and thoughts and what really matters.

  • Thursday: BIBLE STUDY! An opportunity for students to investigate what the Bible has to say! They have invited people from all faith backgrounds together to study the letters from Paul to Timothy and in order to discuss the Christian faith and its relevance to our lives today.

  • Saturday: GAMES NIGHT! Every Saturday students meet for dinner and games in a fun and relaxed environment. All international students in the area are welcome to join them.

iConnect Varna is an opportunity for the international students in Varna to grow in their faith, to study Christianity and to spend time with other international students from all over the world. The group also meets three times a week:

  • Tuesday: International students in Varna meet online to study the book of Genesis together.

  • Thursday is time to study in person! The group meets to get a deeper insight into 1st and 2nd Peter together, to read, share and strengthen their faith. We invite all international students in Varna to these studies!

  • Saturday is a day for informal meetings! Escape room? Bulgarian club? An evening for board games? Every time it is something different, but it's always interesting and fun. If you know international students in Varna, don't forget to invite them to join iConnect!

We are grateful to God for how this new semester has begun and look forward to having many testimonies at the end of this year of God’s faithfulness in the lives of students in Bulgaria.

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