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Revival - We often hear that word used, but what does it really mean? During the days between Christmas and New Year’s, 3000 students from all over Europe and around the world gathered in Karlsruhe, Germany, for the Revive IFES Student Evangelism Conference. Over the course of five days we celebrated what God is doing in Europe, and considered what it would look like for Europe to be revived. About 25 students and staff from Bulgaria participated in the conference, and were challenged by speakers and testimonies about what it means to Revive our hearts, our Universities, and our nations. It was a big encouragement to meet new friends from all over Europe who are excited about God’s mission, and to hear stories about how God is at work in each of these different places. Numerous seminars and tracks gave students practical advice and tools to engage with their peers and universities in different ways, and there was even an interactive art experience that helped us become aware of all the ways that our hearts need to be revived, and that revival starts within each one of us. On December 31st we ended the year with a time of worship, and celebrated the new year together as a community dedicated to reaching our world for Christ! Although the conference is over now, we are praying that the effects of what we have experienced and learned will continue to be seen in Bulgaria and in Europe for years to come!

See what students are saying about Revive:

Revive Europe 2019 was not just another Christian event, but a time I was inspired to evaluate my walk with God. I enjoyed the astonishing work of young talented artists and gifted musicians as well as many others who were putting to use their various talents to bring other people to the Throne. And yet I understood that the most important thing in every person’s life is their personal relationship with the Lord on a daily basis. We must encourage other people to have one as well. God is alive, He is looking for you and wants to have a relationship with you. This is more important than any interpretations, wise mentors, scientific research, evidence, theories and techniques regarding the Word and how to share the good news. It is great to befriend people from all over the world, but the most precious friendship of ours is the one with God. It is good to learn various foreign languages. I speak three – English, Spanish and Italian, and foreigners are always happy to be able to talk to me in their mother language. However, only the Lord understands the voice of our hearts in every language. And as it is written in Ephesians 6:15 “with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace“ I desire to share this message with others: God is alive! Talk to Him! He’s looking for you!.

- Gloria

For the first time in my life, I attended a European Christian conference and it was very encouraging for me to come together in the same place with so many people. Even though we did not know each other, we are all one family and we are united by one hope and one desire - for revival. The sermons were very helpful, especially the practical suggestions, and I was also touched by the testimonies of different people around the world. God has shown me that I must always look at the big picture and not lose hope for the salvation of the people around me after many prayers and conversations. Because even when it seems hopeless, God works. I am grateful for the opportunity to attend Revive, the time we had there and the suggestions, lessons and encouragement I received!

- Melania

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