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National Forum

At the end of February, we were again in Tryavna for our annual National Forum for students and alumni of BCSU. About 50 people gathered together and we continued the theme of revival from the European Evangelism Conference, which many of us attended at the end of 2019. For the first time in our forum we used the same passages in each session. We studied Acts 8-10 together, but we looked at the text each time with a different emphasis in order to experience the richness of God's word. During the first session, we looked at the role of God in these stories and then we thought about our role. Finally, we discussed what these stories mean to the people around us and how we can be active in reaching them. We talked about how too often we imagine revival as a large number of people; in each of these stories, God used his followers to reach a specific person, and through these particular people, many others were saved. We also discussed following God's guidance in sharing the gospel with those around us, and that we need to spend time building personal relationships with them. Through interactive experiences 3 settings, we were encouraged to think about how revival begins within us and whether there are things we need to leave behind in order to follow God more fully.

There was also time to hear from some of the students about what they learned at the "Revive" conference in Germany, after which we spent time in praise and prayer before God together. Some of the students said that this was the best forum they had ever visited and that there were many things to take with them and many things they were still thinking about. Here are some testimonies from students who visited BCSU’s forum for the first time this year:

"I was extremely blessed to have been able to attend. I was very impressed by two things: the topics we talked about and the Word that we studied with understanding and clarity. There was a balance between the seriousness of the Word and the ability to know and make friends. I felt brotherly love from everyone, though I knew almost no one when I arrived, since I am a first-year student."



“For me, the BCSU Forum was an experience that helped me see the bigger picture in which every believer participates on a larger scale. The revival of our hearts is so important for the Lord is in these days that we live. He longs for us to seek Him and to yearn for Him to change us and use us for His glory. I am blessed to have attended and I am encouraged to see the work of God in the lives of so many young people today!"



We are praying that in the coming months we will see the fruits of this conference as the students actively share what they have learned with those around them. We are all working together to see revival come in Bulgaria!

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