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Leadership days

BCSU usually holds its three-day leadership conference at the beginning of each academic year. Due to the current circumstances, it was decided not to travel and not to gather a large group of people. Instead we planned a series of leadership days online once a month until the end of the semester.

>The first photo is from our first leadership day. In this training we discussed the Biblical image of the leader as a shepherd and God's call to the students to have a pastoral heart. In the photo everyone is trying to look like a shepherd! We also discussed how to study the Bible using the inductive method on that day. This was new to some of the participants and a useful reminder to others.

>Our second leadership day took place in November. It was an encouraging time for student leaders from across the country to meet online to discuss the role of the leader as a student. True leaders learn:constantly, continuously, and repeatedly. As Rick Warren puts it, "The moment you stop learning, you stop leading."We also discussed how to lead and organize Bible studies online that day. The things shared during this time were very practical and useful.

>The last leadership day for the semester was held in December. On this day, the main topic was the leader as a strategist. Various examples of Biblical strategic leaders were discussed, with the following characteristics emphasized: 1. Clarity about reality; 2. Hope for the future; 3. Wisdom about the process; 4. Desire to take risks; 5. Communication; 6. Confidence in God. The next topic in this training was how to write Bible studies. This was again a practical time in which everyone took part and wrote a sample study together.

See what several students said about our leadership days this semester:

“I thank God for the opportunity to have leadership days, even if online, because for me this is a time dedicated to God and His word. One of the things I learned during them was how to prepare the right questions and to provoke discussion. From the side it looks easy,but when you have to lead the Bible study you realize that it is not and that there are things that need to be learned and developed. In addition to studying and reflection, I appreciate being able to associate with people who seek God just like me and from whom I can also be encouraged, built, or rebuked. In conclusion, I could say that for me these days are important, pleasant and uplifting. Thanks to the leaders who teach us with love, care and personal example”

“These leadership days were extremely helpful for me in that we had the wonderful opportunity to reflect on God's word and see God's character in the passages we read in all three topics. This I believe has helped all of us to expand our knowledge of the word, to know God even better, and it reminds us to follow the example of the Almighty. I was encouraged and I am glad that it was a good occasion to encourage each other and learn TOGETHER.”

„These days were a great opportunity to gain new knowledge about the qualities that make a person a leader, the biblical standard for a godly leader, and the importance of good leadership of God's people in the past and nowadays. It was also a good opportunity to meet new people and share experiences and fun together!”

These days have encouraged all of us in this period and we give glory to God for the students who are willing to use their time to serve others in the country! We look forward to next semester and our next series of leadership days!

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