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It's time for Christmas!

The BCSU groups celebrated Christmas in a different way in each city. The students in Varna became so many that they did not fit in any home. This month they officially rented a hall for their Christmas party and invited their friends to celebrate with them. In Sofia, the students visited the Methodist Church for the first time and celebrated with lots of games, praise and food. In Veliko Tarnovo the students took the whole initiative and organised the Christmas party themselves. In Plovdiv they gathered again in the welcoming hall of the Pentecostal Church, and in Burgas the students took a festive walk among the lights. 

We are grateful that the groups had the opportunity to celebrate the Savior's birth, share and have fun in different ways. We rejoice that BCSU students are visibly living as disciples and witnesses for Christ. This semester, many have shared conversations they have had with fellow students about their faith and prayer life, and one of the group leaders, who is studying dentistry in Varna, has begun connecting Orthodox and evangelical believing students on campus to meet with each other and discuss ways they can be used by God as a group. May God bless all these new opportunities for evangelism and may it bear fruit in our student groups across the country.

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