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National Student Forum 2022

National Student Forum 2022

The time finally came for the student groups throughout the country to participate together in BCSU’s National Student Forum "Seeking His Will".

The event was held in Sofia from March 3-5 at the property of the Bible League. In addition to new friendships, group bonding, and lots of fun, we were able to hear wonderful testimonies and have a meaningful time with the Word. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 "Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing. In everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." was the main theme for our 3 days together. In each of the sessions we talked about why these three responses are so important that God has emphasized that they are His will for us, what they mean for us, and how we can make them a part of our lives.

At the beginning of each session, students had the opportunity to study a Bible passage in a small group and then participate together in learning and discussion about what they learned from the Word and how to apply it to their lives. These are the thoughts of some of the students who shared what they experienced at the forum:

"The forum was amazing. It was full of emotions, many new acquaintances and good memories. It really taught me a lot but also reminded me of things I had forgotten to do in my everyday life. It was a great experience that I would definitely do again"   - Deborah Simeonova

"Overall it was wonderful. Firstly the spiritual part was very good and very educational. Listening to the speakers’ talks about God's will and all the ways of understanding it helped me to be more sure about God's will in my life. Sharing in the smaller groups was also helpful. I got to hear everyone's opinions and the different ways they understood the teachings and it was also a great opportunity to share what I thought about it and how it changed me. I can't forget the organization of the events and free time for hanging out as well as the games. It was all very good for the soul, especially after the tough exam session. I enjoyed getting to know and growing close to the lovely people in this little amount of time. It was wonderful to be with other people my age who have similar situations in life."- Katerina Miceva

"The student forum was a time of refreshment for me! The BCSU team catered to our every need and it was as if their call was, "Come and take all that Jesus has for you here these three days!" From what I experienced and what I saw in others - I think almost everyone was able to answer that call. This supportive and safe environment in which we were able to operate gave us the freedom to experience with students from all over the country moments that I believe are important for the unity of the Bulgarian church, moments in the presence of the One for whom we gathered in the first place! Thank you Father for the forum and once again to the BCSU team!" - Kristian Rusev

"The Student Forum was a very nice experience. A time to make new friendships and fellowship with young people who want to draw closer to Christ." - Ioana Mihaylova

We look forward to the upcoming general meetings of the students from the country, for which the next such event is a "Trilogy" on the Gospel according to Mark in July. 

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