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"Mark 2"

"Mark 2"

A few months ago we shared with you that our "Trilogy" Inductive Bible Study Camp was held in the Rhodope Mountains from July 11-17, and this year we studied the first half of the Gospel according to Mark. Twenty-two students participated and immersed themselves in the study with willingness and commitment. Amazed and captivated, each day they discovered how awesome, patient and loving our Lord Jesus Christ is.  

Students were so encouraged by the Word and the things they were learning that they didn't want to wait until next year for a continuation. They themselves expressed a desire to continue studying and gathering throughout the semester in their cities and complete the gospel.  

Thus, Mark 2 was held in both cities, Sofia and Varna, over several weekends, and for their last meeting, some of the Sofia students traveled to Varna so they could again immerse themselves in scripture together.   

We are so encouraged and blessed to see the strong desire and enthusiasm of the students to dive deeper into God's Word and to know the character of Jesus. 

Here is what Rebecca Marinova, a student in Varna shared: 

"The sequel to TRILOGY "Mark 2" was so expected by me - I couldn't wait to finish the whole book. But the Lord surprised me again this time through the revelations in His Word, the love that led Him to the cross, and the friends I have the privilege of studying these chapters of Mark with. Our last meeting was especially exciting as we gathered students from Varna and Sofia and had the opportunity to observe and interpret the Last Supper, during which Jesus spoke about the New Covenant He is establishing with us all! We are encouraged and motivated to continue studying God's word, denying ourselves and following Him to the end." 

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