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Retreat in Tryavna

   The goal of the retreat was to gather students from the different international groups around the country, so they could get a bigger picture of what God is doing among international students in Bulgaria, and also as a chance to build relationships with newer students. 

   There were students from different religious backgrounds and the idea was also to spend some time introducing them to what the Bible has to say about who Jesus is. There was time for Bible discussions, a culture night where everyone got the chance to share something about their culture, exploring Bulgaria (Etera and Tryavna), and playing games! There were 14 people who participated, representing at least 10 countries (US, Bulgaria, Germany, Madagascar, India, Dubai, Sudan, the UK, Ireland, Austria). 

   The weekend was a great blessing for everyone and here are some testimonies from different students:

    “This trip was one of the best things to happen to me in this otherwise drab year. I was able to meet new folks and develop wonderful relationships, see a beautiful part of the country I currently call home, and learn more about Scripture in a wonderful fellowship with more people. I genuinely feel blessed to have been part of this trip and I've already started striking off the days until the next meet on my calendar."-Joel, one of the Varna international students (originally from Dubai). 

   “The iConnect retreat to Tryavna offered me the unique opportunity to meet new people, and embrace aspects of Bulgarian culture which I hadn’t encountered before. Silas and Liz did a great job organising everything and making it a truly wonderful experience. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and will cherish the memories made for many years to come.”- Bebo, medical student in Sofia.

    “The retreat in Tryavna was a time to step back, meeting others, sharing, studying the scripture together. It was an opportunity for me to meet some precious friends.” - Astieldo, student in Sofia. 

   We are extremely happy to hear such words from the students and we are also looking forward to the next events to come.

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