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Leadership Day

On 06.11 in Varna the first leadership day for this academic year was held.

   Several students, including three new participants, took part in training on "The Image of the Leader as a Disciple" and "How to Lead Bible Studies." The morning began with a Bible study on several events in the lives of Abraham and Peter and the ways God was teaching them to know Him and participate in His mission. The students reflected on how important it is to be people who are always expecting to learn more about God, to change, and to see ministry as an opportunity rather than an obligation. One of the conclusions reached was that ministry is an invitation to discipleship in which Jesus changes us, fills us with gratitude and makes us grow.

   In the afternoon, the students had time to talk about the ways in which a leader can help or hinder a student group to hear, understand and respond to God's word. There were lots of practical discussions and ideas to implement in the group. At the end of the meeting, one of the participants shared how much he needed to hear and be reminded of the right motivation for ministry - something that was helpful not just for him, but for everyone!

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