Summer Project 2018

9 - 15, July 2018

Avenue Hotel, Burgas

150 leva

In our increasingly developed and diverse world, the options for what to do with our lives are becoming even more numerous, and the decision of who we will be is becoming even more critical. For this reason, the youth exchange project “Who Will You Be?” will give participants a chance to consider the question of what it means to make conscious decisions about who we will be, about playing an active role in society, and about helping to shape a better future for all. We will consider the value that diversity has in society, and how we can use the things that have shaped us (our histories, cultures, personalities, etc.) to be more effective world-changers.

The most exciting part of the project is that we will be discussing all of these things in a cross-cultural community. During our seven-day exchange project in Bourgas, Bulgaria participants from the Netherlands, USA, and Bulgaria will have the opportunity to interact with one another, learn from each other, participate in interactive learning activities together, and learn about and celebrate each other’s culture.


In addition, the common language of the project will be English, which will give all participants the opportunity to practice their English communication skills. Valuable English lessons will be incorporated into the program, which will be useful to participants as they continue to interact in a cross-cultural setting in the future.

Exciting Program

The Summer Project is a fun and interactive cultural exchange that will give you the opportunity to interact with students from other countries. Together you will have the opportunity to learn about issues that are important to youth today, and to consider what our role is in making the future better.