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Summer Project

The Summer Project was a one week cross-cultural conference where teams from different countries had the opportunity to learn together and from each other. This year’s project took place in Burgas from 9th-15th of July, 2018. Together with students from the Netherlands, the US, Bulgaria and some international students from Africa we talked about our theme “Who Will You Be?”

Each morning we heard a talk on a topic related to the theme and spent some time in small groups reflecting on our own lives. We also had plenty of time to get to know each other during free time, at the beach, on a photo scavenger hunt through town and on our excursion to the beautiful town of Sozopol. Another highlight of the conference was getting to learn about each others’ cultures through the nightly cultural evenings. We also started each day with an optional Bible study to which everybody came regularly.

Quotes from students:

“Thank you for encouraging and motivating me to take part in this wonderful Summer Project 2018. Thanks a lot I will do it again, and again, and again, if I have the opportunity.” –International Student

“I thought it was a really good program and I have been challenged, I have had fun and I met some really cool people. I also learned a lot about other people, cultures and about myself.” – A student from the American team

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