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New Academic Year

As cooler weather and changing leaves marks the beginning of autumn, students have been coming back to their universities for the new semester. BCSU groups in cities around the country have started this week, many with opening events. This is an exciting time of year, as students are eager to make plans for the new semester and to invite their friends to the group. Join us in praying that these groups would be off to good starts, that the student leaders in the groups would have wisdom about balancing their course load and responsibilities as a leader, and that students would be faithful in inviting their friends to the groups!

This year we are also excited because we get to welcome a new member to the BCSU staff team. Ivan was a student in Turnovo studying Geography. He was a student leader in BCSU group in that city and last year was part of the first class of interns. Ivan will be working in central Bulgaria seeking to support the group in Turnovo and plant groups in Ruse and Gabrovo.

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