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National Forum

BCSU’s annual national forum was held from the 31st of October to the 2nd of November in Lyaskovetz. It was called “Life, death, and love among friends.”

Rich Lamb was our main speaker with three expositions: “Life, death and love among friends”, “Gentle truth among friends”, and “The eternal company of friends”. Together we thought about different Biblical examples that show the importance of the people around us and how God uses them to fulfill his will. On Saturday evening Rich Lamb’s wife, Lisa, spoke about forgiveness and how to deal with conflict.

In the mornings, before breakfast, our volunteer Niki Yabulkarov organized prayer times, which gave everyone who came the opportunity to spend quiet time with God and to prepare for the day.

For the first time a group of students from the Turkish student group participated in the conference - with 4 student participants and 3 staff workers.

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