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Mission Moldova

From the 11th to the 16th of October a group of 8 students and graduates from the Bulgarian Christian Student Union visited three large villages, the city Tvarditza and the capital city, Chișinău in Moldova.

The purpose of our trip was to encourage the Christian student movement and the churches in Moldova, to participate in a Bulgarian cultural evening, to meet with Bulgarian students, who might continue their studies in Bulgaria - offering them support and help. Everywhere we went we were very warmly welcomed with wonderful hospitality and respect. As guests in the village Valya-Perzhe, we visited the local church, where we had the opportunity to worship God together with psalms and songs in Bulgarian.

Thanks to God, that despite our short time there, we were able to visit a college, a high school, an elementary school, and a university - where we shared about Bulgaria, Bulgarian universities, and our mission as Christians.

Everywhere we went we prepared a small gift with pictures and calendars from Bulgaria as well as books. We also gave short presentations about Bulgaria and talked about the opportunities to study in Bulgaria and how to apply. We had the opportunity to share about the Bulgarian Christian Student Union and the mission we have to Bulgarian students. At the end of our presentations we were able to give bookmarks and BCSU business cards, which were always welcomed with great interest. It was wonderful how the teachers and directors encouraged their students to contact us when they came to Bulgaria to study.

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